EzineZone FAQ

  • Is it really FREE?
    YES! EzineZone is ad supported which means we will send a "solo ad" to all lists no more than once per month. We also have a single line "Powered by EzineZone" (or similar) in email footers.
  • What's the deal with the solo ads?
    In exchange for providing a free service to you, you agree to accept an email ad sent to your list periodically (maximum of one per month). The ad will be for another list on EzineZone, either as a paid ad or a randomly selected user so everyone has a chance to get some extra subscribers for free. You will be able to see an ad before it goes out to your list and can customize it to suit your own style (with certain limits of course). Note that the system is in beta and so the precise mechanism and timings for the solo ads are subject to change, depending on various factors such as performance and user feedback.
  • Can I include ads or affiliate links in my emails?
    You can certainly advertise to your lists as long as you do not promote anything illegal or offensive. Also your ads should not outweigh the quality content you send to your subscribers - keep your members happy and employ ethical 'permission marketing' strategies for maximum benefit and subscriber satisfaction.
  • What is an email blog?
    Also often called an Ezine, an email blog is simply a mailing list where you send regular posts containing quality original content in a similar way to posting articles on a web based blog. The advantage of an email blog over a web based blog is that your subscribers will get to see ALL your posts (automatically) instead of just the latest article or two they may come across on your site.
  • Why not just start a regular web based blog?
    There are a number of advantages, for example: when acquiring traffic for a blog, whether by SEO or PPC advertising or some other marketing method, you spend a lot of money and effort to get someone to your site. That visitor may then only read one article or maybe just the last couple of articles showing on your home page and then they leave, perhaps never to return and you have no way to reach them. With an email blog you have their email address and can contact them at any time and an autoresponder system as provided by EzineZone will send all your subscribers every post you've ever uploaded (or as many as you want) over a period of time, whether they subscribe today or a year from now, so all that effort generating quality content does not go to waste.
  • Is it easy to setup an ezine or email blog?
    It certainly is - all you need is a single page to collect email addresses (called a squeeze page) and your free EzineZone account will handle the rest. You have full control through an easy to use panel and creating new lists and uploading an autoresponder sequence takes just moments.

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