Ezine Service

With a free EzineZone account you can create and manage multiple high quality ezine mailing lists.

Get actionable statistics for all aspects including squeeze page conversions, ad campaigns, subscription rates, clicks, buys and much more.

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Email Blogging

An email blog or ezine can be created in seconds with no technical skills required. Within minutes your ezine can be online with a series of emails already queued for sending!


Effortlessly create unlimited autoresponder sequences to ensure your subscibers get every post you want them to see at intervals you specify, for a completely 'hands free' ezine system.

Simple List Management

Managing your ezine is a simple matter with the EzineZone control panel. You can create and manage multiple email blogs with the same account, view stats for each list and subscriber, send one time posts or autoresponders and more.

Build Relationships

Use EzineZone to develop mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with your hard won subscribers. Provide quality content and attain the most responsive subscribers.


Easily track performance of your squeeze pages, advertising campaigns, clickrates in emails and more through your EzineZone control panel.


EzineZone is not a service for spamming - all subscribers must be double opt-in and you must ensure they get quality content, not an endless series of junk adverts. Quality matters!

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